Bush and Dick
Bush and Dick lip service
  • Bush and Dick the DUI dream team
  • Bush and Dick what a combination
  • Bush and Dick: what Americans really want.
  • Bush and Dick: together at last.
  • More Bush and Dick in the White House.
  • Bush and Dick: where America's brains are.
  • No American Dream is complete without Bush and Dick.
  • Bush and Dick pounding out the issues
  • Bush and Dick oh what fun
  • Bush and Dick - sounds like high school again
  • Don't you need a little Bush and Dick in your life?
  • Bush and Dick: a perfect fit.
  • Bush and Dick a penetrating pair
  • Bush and Dick go together, just not in the White House
  • Bush and Dick - they where made for each other
  • Bush + Dick = The New Way of American Politics.
  • Bush and Dick in 2004 unique positions
  • The Bush/Dick ticket: And you thought Republicans were all repressed.
  • Bush and Dick always screwing around
  • A Cheney in the hand is worth Two Disasters in the Bush
  • Bush and Dick: screwing you in the new millennium.
  • Bush and Dick - didn't god warn Adam about this combo?
  • Bush and Dick - what the F.......
  • A little Bush, a little Dick, and a little oil - bend over America.
  • Bush and Dick coming together
  • Smoke Bush in 2004
  • Lick Bush and Dick in 2004

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