HAWK WATCH 04 ...... by Angry Elvis

Dick Cheney

Background & Role under Dubya:
Vice President. Here's his official biography from the Whitehouse. Hmm, where to start? I am sure y'all know that he was the chief drillman under Halliburton. But did you know how much the Dickster actually made in 2000 from Halliburton. Sitting down? $36,086,635 yeah, those are $36 million for just one year. Don't believe me? Just click the links, it's a copy of his tax return for that year. Until recently (election coming up and all) Dicky liked to do his work away from the public eye, he liked to work in the background and shadow of Dubya. No surprise there, really. Since Dicky & Dubya took office, he's been busy: He established his energy task force right away. Problem with that is that "officials sought extensive advice from utility companies and the oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy industries, and incorporated their recommendations, often word for word, into the energy plan." (from NRDC's site, which has a listing of documents that Dicky had to fork over as ordered by a federal Judge). For example Jim Ford - of the American Petroleum Institute - suggests wording for a presidential order giving special consideration to oil companies, and suggestion changes how the EPA and other federal agencies handle oil companies. Everyone wins! Except the ones that don't rack in money working as an exec for an oil industry. Yeah, that's YUO, so kindly go fuck yerself. :) But don't think Dicky handed these docs over right away, oh no - there was a real back and forth about it, with the GAO. These guys have kept some interesting records. What's there to hide? Yeah, well the LATimes found what was there to hide (among the links above); Turns out that "Cheney-led task force consulted extensively with corporate executives. Its findings boosted their interests. Environmental groups had little voice." (copy of Article on CommonDreams.org unless you want to pay for it).

What started all of this was Enron. It's kinda scary but Enron keeps coming up with these Hawks. Well the Dickster met with Enron of course (Originally published on January 31, 2002 in the San Francisco Chronicle) , but in secret and really didn't want to talk about what happened in those meetings. Not a good move, Dick! But it goes beyond policy, oh yeah. The Dickster also made Enron get money back, right from the start! And we are not talking change here, we are talking $64 million (Archived from Washington Post, January 21, 2002). Thanks Dickster! (Ken Lay talking here).

Ok lets move on: Remember James A Baker III? Yeah, he's the guy that's Senior Counsel of the Carlyle Group (silly site, very good sources) and represented Halliburton via his Baker Botts law firm up until 2000 and then again in 2002. The big guy at Carlyle - Frank C. Carlucci - was also a mate of Rumsfeld & Dicky's in the school known as Nixon. I tell ya all that circle jerking in this small political world is making me dizzy.

Just like Karl Rove, Cheney's investigations seem to go nowhere. In May of 2002, the SEC started an investigation into Halliburton, which seems to have made $100 million worth of accounting errors under Dick. In July a watchgroup sued Cheney,Halliburton and Arthur Andersen, Halliburton's Accounting Firm for fraud. Before you jump to conclusion, the Watchgroup sued Clinton, too. Here is the full complaint, for you legal tards. Quote from the WashingtonPost linked above on Halliburton: "Halliburton came under fire in the early '90s for supplying Libya and Iraq with oil drilling equipment which could be used to detonate nuclear weapons. Halliburton Logging Services, a former subsidiary, was charged with shipping six pulse neutron generators through Italy to Libya. In 1995, 9the company pled guilty to criminal charges that it violated the U.S. ban on exports to Libya). Halliburton was fined $1.2 million and will pay $2.61 million in civil penalties. " They didn't get away with their next boo-boo, either: In February 2002, Halliburton paid the government $2 million to settle a 1997 lawsuit alleging that KBR improperly billed the U.S. government for services provided at Fort Ord, California. Knowing hoe much all the repubtards here love Newsmax, look at what they are saying about Halliburton's Iraq ties. Cheney denied ties with Baghdad, and then later changed his story.I don't know how one can forget deal worth millions upon millions of dollars (Ok it was $30 million), but hey whatever, right? Under Cheney, Halliburton also did business with Burma: "At the time, we did not know that while Cheney headed the company, Halliburton had done business with the notorious Yadana pipeline project in Burma - an environmentally damaging project on behalf of which, according to a U.S. federal court, egregious human rights abuses were committed, including murder, torture, rape, forced labor and forced relocation." A full and very extensive report is available here. Halliburton wasn't a defendant, it must be said. However Unocal was, and both companies worked on the same pipeline deal. Funny how that works huh? My guess, it's friends who keep you from getting in trouble. Friends like the good men who have a seat with the supreme court. But that's just me thinking out loud.

I really have to wonder why the Dickster was so gung-ho about Iraq. I mean, he's a on again off again career politician, so what's in it for him? Dicky still claims there's WMD in Iraq, even though everyone who has a clue now says that it's highly unlikely anything will be found and that Intelligence was simply off, or if you want to put it a different way, it was made up. That never stopped Dicky though: Apparently he got "raw" intelligence from the INC (Iraqi National Congress) and went with it.He's still sticking to his guns, he says he "knows" that WMD's will be found. He knows more than Kay, I guess. Uh-huh, come one Dick, even Powell is now jumping on the "must save my career and admit that we ain't go shit" bandwagon. But I guess Dick always get his way. Just today, FT.com reports that Cheney "waged a guerrilla war" against Blair, for wanting to get backing from the UN for the Iraq war. Nice one, Dickster.

And this, my friends is the vice president of the US.

Recent News:
-Halliburton Tells Pentagon Staff Took Kickbacks: Oil services company Halliburton Co has told the Pentagon (news - web sites) that two employees took up to $6 million in kickbacks for awarding a Kuwaiti-based company with work supplying U.S. troops in Iraq (news - web sites), the Wall Street Journal said on Friday.

-Cheney Defends Iraq War, Skirts Arms Issue: Vice President Dick Cheney defended the U.S.-led Iraq war Monday amid mounting criticism over failure to find unconventional weapons.

So keep an eye out for Dick, and see what he's up to. You can always google Cheney more info, too. Enjoy!

Karl Rove

Background & Role under Dubya:
Karl Rove is the grand Daddy of all. Personally, I think he's the real president of the US. But that's just my opinion. Ok, maybe not. Obviously he's Dubya's top advisor/chief strategist. His background is so extensive, that I don't want to bore you to death with it. Here's a fairly nice summary of what he was up to before Dubya was ordered President. He of course helped a whole lot in making that happen, just as he was the one that made the man governor of TX. Now lets look at the fun stuff, shall we? OK, I'm gonna start out big, very big. Enron, nuff said? No? OK Mr. Rove was one of the biggest stockholders of Enron. He [i">offered[/i"> to sell his chunky stocks when he took office, however he mananged to take part in Cheney's energy policy meetings, which were held on March 12th, 2001. He actually only sold his stock on June 7th, 2001. Of course something like owning about 100G worth of stock in a company and then meeting with them under the hat of the whitehouse isn't something Rove only does once. I tend to think he sees it as a hobby, cause he also met with Intel's CEO, while he owned 100g worth of stock in Intel.

And then there's that oopsie daisy thing that really didn't get much news. Yes, the lovely connection between Rove, Abdurahman Alamoudi and Grover Norquist - just to get this straight we are talking about terror funding here. Yes, that would be a big oops. Then there was the whole Wilson/Novak thing. Can't remember what that was about? Here, let me help you out with that : Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 - heard anything about that recently? No? Neither have I. Plenty of people - even in the current "administration" are a bit vary of Rove's power. Who can blame them? Rove is known for playing very dirty. He's one scary dude who loves the big guys and doesn't care about what the little guys think, nor what will happen to the environment in this "wide open" country. Steven Griles and Rove must like each other a lot. There was suppose to be a probe about it, we all know how these probes go. But wait, there's more! Especially since he actually worked for/with Ashcroft (you can read the copied story here, if you don't want to pay to have access to the NYTimes archive). Anyone ever hear of Karl Rove & Co? If no, it's no wonder, because he didn't disclose of the firm. Karl is so good at getting away with things, he even got away for lying under oath. Who cares, right? Karl doesn't, cause he seems to always win, by any measure. All of this and yet .... he's still here. Amazing.

Rove also has a problem with gay's. It kinda got him in trouble a bit, too. He's the typical "compassionate" conservative, I guess. Compassion for himself and anyone who's exactly like him. Fuck the rest of the people. Oh yeah and fuck you to, if you at any point drink water. Oops.

Karl seems to be very intune with everything. On January 19, 2002 he spoke at the Republican National Comitee and said that a war on terror would be great for the GOP, politically. Yeah that's right, he means Iraq of course, which as we all should know by now has nothing to do with 9/11. But it still doesn't matter, I guess. Tha big daddy is in the house and it looks as if this guy can really get away with everything.

Recent News:
-Same Budget, Diffferent Year: At a presession Republican retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland last week, White House political advisor Karl Rove reassured House leaders that Bush would not pursue his own reelection victory at the expense of House and Senate Republicans. (From LATimes.com)

Steven J. Griles

Background & Role under Dubya:
Steven Griles is the Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of Interior. What does the DOI do, you ask? The Department of the Interior manages millions of acres of our public lands including our national parks, our fish and wildlife refuges and national monuments. The Department is responsible for protecting resources ranging from endangered species habitat to our common mineral assets. Griles Bio on the DOI website says: "Prior to joining NES, Steve was Senior Vice President for Public, Environmental and Marketing Activities for the United Company. Located in Bristol, Virginia, the United Company was a diversified natural resources company with select diversification in non-energy areas, with operations in coal, oil and gas, cogeneration, gold mining, manufacturing, real estate, hotels, and golf operations with both domestic and foreign interests." Here is some more background info. What Mr Griles did was to lobby congress in the name of his clients, only problem is that he now works for the same department that he used to lobby. Some say this is a conflict of interest. I certainly would agree. But hey, if you don't think this matters lets look at some of Griles lobby records, and another one. Griles also keeps making boo-boo's when a memos are released, which backfire a little. Oops, I hate when that happens. For Steve is happens over and over: Another memo memo is about drilling off the shore of California. To me it seems like he's really all for it. Even in 2001, he promised to not compromise his position, however that backfired right away, too. Kinda hard to stop working for your former companies, when you still make $248,000 a year from them (via National Environmental Strategies), isn't it? Poor Stevie. Yes, he's doing a great job protecting those who paid his bills. Griles plays right into the energy crisis. And as you can see the boy under Bushie won't let up. Just check out the recent news about him. Truly sickening.

Recent News:
- Biltmore gathering assailed Energy meeting is out of bounds, critics charge: Critics say business executives are brazenly buying access to federal lawmakers and key energy officials this week at Phoenix's posh Biltmore Resort. The gathering includes a fund-raiser for Republican legislators, followed by an industry-dominated energy conference today. Both events were organized by the former communications director for Vice President Dick Cheney controversial energy task force.

- Reviews Clear Former Top Interior Lawyer: The environmental groups have also asked the Justice Department (news - web sites) to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the No. 2 Interior official, former lobbyist J. Steven Griles, to determine if he helped former clients or lied to Congress

James A. Baker III

Background & Role under Dubya:
Currently he's Bush's personal envoy in Iraq in charge of reconstruction. But the Bushies and Baker go waaaaay back. His lawfirm Baker & Botts worked with American oil Companies in the Middle East, including Afgahnistan (they loved working with the Taliban, yay!). Baker is a busy man indeed, he also works for the Counsel for Intelligence Policy. Ain't life grand for Baker! Baker & Botts love big companies like Enron, too. They used to be Enron's counsel. Did I mention yet that Halliburton is one of their clients, also? It's a circle-jerk! In addition, Baker was also Dubya's spokesman & counsel, when the Supreme court handed him the presidency. But wait!! There's more: The good folks of Baker & Botts also have solid ties to Saudies. Yes, they are actually the defense counsel on a lawsuit made by 9/11 families against the saudies. But wait! There's even more, I guess Baker doesn't sleep. Baker is also part of the infamous Carlyle Group. I have no idea how it does it all, but just as many other politicians, the Carlyle Group is a grand place to be when the republican haws are not in charge. The Carlyle Group has strong military ties and also had dealings with the Saudi royal family. And wouldn't you know it, the Carlyle Group has their hands in the reconstruction in Iraq. Say it isn't so. Apparently, Bake had a love-hate relationship with Iraq. First he made sure they get a billion dollar loan (see link in recent news) and then in 1990 he wanted them wiped out. Well, Jim whatchu want? The list of connections goes on an on. Therefore he's my first hawk to be inspected.

Recent News:
-Baker Backed Loans That Added to Iraq Debt: As secretary of state in 1989, Baker urged the Agriculture Department to offer $1 billion in loan guarantees for Iraq to buy U.S. farm products after Iraq said it would reject a smaller deal.

-Baker talks Iraqi debt with Saudis: THE US special envoy for Iraqi debt, James Baker, is expected in Riyadh tomorrow to discuss with Saudi officials Iraqi debt owed to the kingdom, a Saudi newspaper reported today.

HAWK WATCH 04 ...... by Angry Elvis

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