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Not cheap transfers like most anti-Bush T-shirt vendors these are high quality screen printed anti-Bush T-shirts. Screen printed anti-Bush T-shirts with only with non-toxic water base inks on organic cotton or hemp blend T-shirts.
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Make Levees Not War peace T-shirt
Make Levees Not War
organic cotton or hemp

Bush 2 Democracy 0 anti-Bush T-shirt

Operation Enduring Stupidity  anti-Bush T-shirt
Operation Enduring Stupidity
anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton

What? Me Worry  anti-Bush T-shirt
What? Me Worry
anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton

Katherine Harris Sucks T-shirt
Kathrine Harris
anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton
Bush Nazi anti-Bush T-shirt
Bush Nazi
anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton
no bolod for oil T-shirt
No Blood For Oil

anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton

The Electoral College sucks T-shirt
Bush liar
anti-Bush T-shirts
organic cotton or hemp

bop-Bush doll

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George W. Bush is our 43rd president of the United States of America
Appointed by the United States Supreme Court in the year 2000

Because we care about the enviornment all of our T-shirts are screen printed with
eco-friendly non-toxic inks on 100% organic cotton natural color or hemp blend fabric.

WMD lies - quotes and news
Anti-Bush song links
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